1960s - Collect Redskins
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Vince Lombardi 1969 Redskins Team Issue Photo

8x10. Photo is stamped with Nate Fine Studios, the legendary Redskins photographer. Official Redskins materials depicting Vince Lombardi are extremely hard to come by, given that he only coached for one season, and Green Bay Packers collectors are just as voracious as vintage Redskins collectors. Packers collectors don't seem to mind the brief Redskins affiliation of their beloved coach.

The Ebay listing mentioned that this came from a very large Hamm's beer collection, and that this was possibly used as a beer promotion. The photo was taped to a cardboard frame. On one hand, the frame is clearly hand-made, so I'm less certain this was an actual Hamm's beer promo item. On the other hand, the workmanship for the cut-out frame, tape job, etc. is extremely well done, so may have been done as a professional concept/mockup piece.

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