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Autographs are not really an intended focus of the collection, however, team issue photos were often given out during player appearances, so they are frequently found autographed. At the request of a reader, here is a compilation of all players with autograph examples.

Those that are facsimile autograph examples are noted in the particular item page. Please be aware that counterfeit autographs are, unfortunately, common in the hobby, as well as so-called "locker room signatures," which were signed by equipment staff members and not actually by the players. Hopefully this guide helps combat that.

Allen, George
Anderson, Bill
Badaczewski, John
Bass, Mike
Biggs, Verlon
Bostic, Jeff
Bowles, Todd
Bragg, Mike
Brito, Gene
Brown, Larry
Brundige, Bill
Brunet, Bob
Bryant, Kelvin
Burman, George
Butz, Dave
Byner, Earnest
Clark, Gary
Coleman, Monte
DeCarlo, Art
Didier, Clint
Duncan, Speedy
Ervins, Ricky
Farman, Dick
Filchock, Frank
Fischer, Pat
Galbraith, Scott
Graham, Otto
Grant, Frank
Green, Darrell
Grimm, Russ
Hanburger, Chris
Hancock, Mike
Harraway, Charley
Hauss, Len
Hermeling, Terry
Holman, Willie
Houston, Ken
Jackson, Steve
Jefferson, Roy
Johnson, Dennis
Johnson, Tim
Jones, Jimmie
Jurgensen, Sonny
Kaufman, Mel
Kammerer, Carl
Khayat, Bob
Kilmer, Billy
Knight, Curt
Laaveg, Paul
Lachey, Jim
LeBaron, Eddie
Lohmiller, Chip
Malinchak, Bill
Manley, Dexter
Mann, Charles
McDole, Ron
McKenzie, Raleigh
Milot, Rich
Mitchell, Bobby
Mitchell, Brian
Monk, Art
Morris, Jamie
Moseley, Mark
Mulkey, Herb
Nock, George
Olkewicz, Neal
Owens, Brig
Pardee, Jack
Pergine, John
Peters, Tony
Petitbon, Richie
Pottios, Myron
Promuto, Vince
Reed, Alvin
Richter, Pat
Riggins, John
Riggs, Gerald
Robinson, Dave
Rock, Walt
Rogers, George
Ryczek, Dan
Rypien, Mark
Sanders, Ricky
Schoenke, Ray
Schroeder, Jay
Sistrunk, Manny
Smith, Jerry
Snead, Norm
Starke, George
Talbert, Diron
Taylor, Charley
Taylor, Rosey
Theismann, Joe
Tillman, Rusty
Vactor, Ted
Walton, Alvin
Warren, Don
Washington, Joe
Whitfield, AD
Wilbur, John
Williams, Doug
Wyche, Sam
Ziemba, Wally
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