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There are currently 46 members in the Redskins Ring of Fame: 41 players/coaches, 2 owners, and 3 contributors. Select a name below to view the person's gallery of all items in the collection. Mark Rypien is the most recent addition on October 19, 2014.

George Allen
Cliff Battles
Sammy Baugh
Gene Brito
Larry Brown
Dave Butz
Gary Clark
Jack Kent Cooke
Bill Dudley
Pat Fischer
Joe Gibbs
Darrell Green
Russ Grimm
Chris Hanburger
Ken Harvey
Len Hauss
Ken Houston
Sam Huff
Joe Jacoby
Dick James
Sonny Jurgensen
Charlie Justice
Billy Kilmer
Eddie LeBaron
Vince Lombardi
Dexter Manley
Charles Mann
George Preston Marshall
Wayne Millner
Bobby Mitchell
Brian Mitchell
Art Monk
Mark Moseley
Brig Owens
Richie Petitbon
Vince Promuto
John Riggins
Mark Rypien
Jerry Smith
Charley Taylor
Joe Theismann
Doug Williams

No items from 1992 and prior:
Wayne Curry
Phil Hochberg
Sean Taylor
Lamar "Bubba" Tyer
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