Redskins Ring of FameList of the 46 members currently in the Redskins Ring of Fame, including individual links to galleries for the 41 members for which there are currently items of in the collection.

CollectRedskins.com Master Player List:  List of more than  540 players and coaches who currently have an item in this collection.  

Player Autograph Guide: List of players with autograph examples.


Redskins Card Museum: Amazing  high grade collection featuring much of the catalogued vintage Redskins cards from 1977 and earlier.  This site was an inspiration for CollectRedskins.com.

RedskinsHistorian.com: A nice site with great original content by an author who has written multiple books about Redskins history.

Redskins List of all players Wiki: Wikipedia entry for all players with uniform numbers, positions, games played, and seasons played. 

Redskins.com all-time players list.  With years, position, and alma mater.

Hobby sites:

Dixie Ice Cream Lids: PreWarCards.com has a nice writeup of this set.

FeltFootball.com:An amazing vintage football pennant collection site with helpful details for all leagues, including college, etc.

Fleer Sticker Project:: A comprehensive blog dedicated to all things Fleer Stickers and more.

FootballCardGallery.com: Nice vintage football card website.

GridIron Greats : Magazine dedicated to both football and hobby history.

Hedy Glassware:  Popular but rare glassware from the 1960s

PreWarCards.com: Lots of good information about older catalogued sets of all sports.

PostCerealFootball.com : Comprehensive site detailing the 1962 Post Cereal Football card set.

Sportlots.com: Great place to pick up more recent commons.

TradingCardDB.com: Helpful site for mainstream sets, especially for images of the backs which I have not added to my site yet.

1977 Topps Mexican Reference sites: Ebay Guide

Other team vintage collections  that may be helpful to identify rare vintage oddball items:



Football sites:

Pro-Football-Reference.com:  Exhaustive list of historical stats and rosters that is very helpful with player/year identification.

ProFootballArchives.com:  Another great resource for historical rosters, game results, uniform numbers, etc.

FanBase.com: Defunct

Gridiron Uniform Database: A nice uniform reference site when trying to identify the year of an item based on the uniform.

Professional Football Researchers Association:The PFRA forum can be a very useful place to ask historical questions that Google didn't answer, find a long list of historical books published by its members, and has a comprehensive resources section.

Online Photo/ Site Editing Tools:

SmugMug: Photography website builder tool I used to make this site.  There are free options and premium options.  If you decide to go with a fee option, here's a SmugMug coupon signup link that saves you 20% and earns me a 20% discount for renewal:  


Pixlr.comFree online perspective correction tool.  Very useful for photos of items too big for a scanner.

QuickPictureTools.com:  Several free photo editing tools.  Useful for rounded corners and combining multiple photos into a single file.

Zen BG Textured Background Generator:Free site background creator.  Several other free color tools like a color palette creator, gradient creator,  and Daltonization tool (color blindness site simulator.)

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